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Our Services


Our nurses are experienced with all adult immunisation and are equipped with the latest information on QLD Health Immunisaton Program (QHIP) for childhood immunisations. Our nurses are fully trained to give childhood immunisation and are up to date with information in regards to the Australian Governments .

We also provide up to date information and accurate pamphlets with overseas travel information. Travel immunisations are available on site.

Disease Management

For our patients with Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Conditions, chronic pain and Asthma we create tailored care plans to provide the appropriate support within the allied health community to provide continued shared care for optimal health.  An inital assessment is done with our nurse to establish your medical condition and work with you to set realistic goals and tasks to improve your quality of living. These plans enable our patients to be eligible to receive allied health appointments with physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, Chiropractor, Audiologists and Exercise Physiologists just to name a few.

Support Programs

Our nurses are trained to perform various services including; 45 – 49 Year Old Health Assessments, 75+ Year old Health Assessments, Men & Women Health Checks. The purpose of these health checks/assessments is to identify any potential or current health conditions that need addressing and provide treatment and health support.

We also do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments. These assessments are for any age group and reduce or prevent serious health illness by early detection and treatment. It can also encourage better treatment of existing health illness with proper management and up to date information. ATSI patients are also eligible for “no cost” appointments with allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and dietitians to optimize patient’s health.

Our nurses are trained in mental health and can assist in creating a treatment plan. With this plan, we can do an assessment, your own needs, goals and actions and develop referrals for added treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist. With this plan, you might be eligible to receive up to 12 visit to external services visits.

Other support programs we offer are: quitting smoking programs, weight management, sexual health counseling, mental health and family planning.

Skin Checks

Annual skin checks are vital for picking up the early signs of cancerous melanomas. Skin cancer checks are quick and pain less and can potentially save your life if detected early. Our centre offers a full comprehensive skin check with the aid of a non invasive automated photo finder machine. The Fotofinder is an advanced diagnostic procedure for the documentation and monitoring of the entire surface of the skin from head to toe for moles, melanoma and other skin cancers. Book in NOW for your yearly check up!

Allied Health

We are pleased to offer our patients and the community access to Sullivan Nicolades Pathology which are open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 1:30pm via the centre or externally via Richmond Street and no appointment necessary.

Advanced Foot care Podiatry
Healthy Sleep Solutions
Claytons Hearing
Dietitian (Healthy lifestyle)
Exercise physiologist

Laser Face Lifting and Tightening

At Divine Cosmetic Skin Centre, we are able to offer our new innovative 4D non invasive, no downtime face lifting and skin tightening lasers which target skin texture, reduces fine lines and promotes collagen production to instantly tighten up your skin on your face or any other area without need for surgery. This unique treatment works from both the inside and the outside of the face to cause contraction and tightening of collagen without injectables, fillers or operations.

The 4D Treatment address some of the most popular skin concerns:
• Skin laxity
• Lines
• Wrinkles
• Loss of volume
• Uneven tone & texture

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Laser Therapy

Snoring and sleep apnoea result from obstructed airways which could be caused by different factors such as anatomic deviations, tumours, polyps, allergies, large adenoid and tonsils, large uvula or a large soft palate.Snoring is not sleep apnoea and sleep apnoea is not snoring. Many patients with loud snoring often have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Heavy snoring may affect bed partners causing severe marital conflict. Both snoring and sleep apnoea are causes for several health issues and are potentially life threatening. They can lead to fatigue, reflux, night sweats, headaches, short term memory loss, hypertension (high blood pressure), and heart disease. Despite the health and social impacts, most patients are unwilling to treat snoring and sleep apnoea due to multiple side effects, unsuccessful nonsurgical and surgical treatments and uncomfortable procedures. The laser light (Nightlase®) is used for non ablative heating of the tissue which results in the shrinking of the college and hence opens up the airways and reduces snoring and sleep apnoea.

Benefits of Nightlase® Therapy:
• Painless hence no anaesthesia needed
• No needles
• Walk in walk out
• Takes about 15 minutes
• Need 3 treatments every fortnightly
• Immediate results from 1st day (in average 50% reduction)
• Only three sections needed: Day 1, Day 15 and Day 45

Other Services

Other services offered include:

  • Drivers License
  • Medicals, Cryotherapy
  • ECG
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Spirometry
  • Pap smear
  • STD check
  • Blood Tests
  • Hearing Test
  • Minor Surgery
  • Body and face contouring
  • Skin tightening
  • Hair removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretchmarks treatment
  • Gynecological treatments
  • Nail fungus treatment
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Pigmented lesions treatment
  • Vascular lesions treatment
  • Scar reduction