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Products for dry, oily skin, acne, ageing and sensitive skin types.

Nu – Derm:

To transform & correct ageing skin.
– Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots
– Diminish the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles
– Transform rough skin and improve skin laxity.

C-Rx System:

To prevent damage to young-looking skin.
– Improve the appearance of mild hyperpigmentation by evening skin tone
– Promote cellular turnover through gentle exfoliation
– Reveal a brighter, healthier looking complexion


To clear skin and control blemishes
– Provider clearer skin fast – in as little as 1 week
– Remove acne – causing bacteria at the source
– Prevent future outbreaks

Professional – C Serums:

Protect skin from further damage
– Protect skin while neutralising free radicals
– Lighten and brighten skin tone
– Promote collagen synthesis & visibly improve pigmentation

ELASTIderm Eye Treatment:

Restore elasticity around eyes
– Reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles in
as little as 2 weeks
– Restore elasticity in the skin around the eyes
– Complement facial procedures and other OBAGI systems

ELASTIderm Décolletage:

Renew delicate area on chest & neck
– Reduce the appearance of visible fine lines & wrinkles
– Replenish elasticity and promote collagen synthesis
– Renew strength and resilience of the skin

All Medic Skin Rejuvenator

Skin Rejuvenator:
Allmedic Medical Exfoliating Skin Rejuvenator
– The effective mechanical exfoliator that remoces dead, flaky skin
instantly to increase penetration of skin products
– Easy to use
– Affordable
– Used at part of the PDT pre-treatment regime or for weekly use of
patients with dry skin

– Stimulates skin-cell regeneration that reduces wrinkles, eliminates
blemishes and gives you the most beautiful and crystal clear complexion
– Used in conjunction with our Obagi products for optimal effect.

Glycolic Repair Cream
– Targets dead or damaged skin by breaking the bonds between the surface skin cells resulting in chemical exfoliation
– Increases cell turnover, revealing newer and healthier keratinocytes/skin cells
– Youngers cells at the surface makes the skin appear healthier and more youthful
– Rough, dry, scaly skin becomes smooth and hydrated in a short period of time
– Perfect pre-treatment for PDT.

– Safe and effective treatment of facial redness and rosacea
– Only temporary treatment option